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100% Human Hair

Hairpieces made of 100% Human Hair are manufactured using the best quality hair. The hairtype is also known as Session Hair. Session Hair, developed by session stylists, is a special blend of fine and thicker hair and the ombre colors blend brilliantly into any natural hair. The hair is easy to straighten and curl like normal hair.

6 Months Quality Guarantee

Balmain Paris Hair Couture continuously strives to source, select and process the best hair in the world. This drive for excellence, allows the company to present a unique 6 months guarantee on all human hair products in combination with the Professional Aftercare range.

Facts about 100% Human Hair

  • Brush your hair regularly to prevent the hair from tangling

  • At night time gently tie your hair back in a loose braid or twist; this will help prevent tangles or knots.

  • Never sleep with wet hair
  • Use Professional Aftercare Products to maintain healthy hair extensions


With more than 40 years of experience in the field of hair integration, Balmain Hair developed expertise in the creation of artificial Human Hair which is similar to Human Hair. The patented Memory®Hair is created with all human hair features in mind. It feels soft and blends easily and almost impossible to differentiate from human hair. Memory®Hair has the same typical “natural shine” because as human hair because it also has an irregular surface with the diffused reflection.

Easy to straighten & curl

Memory®Hair can be curled and straightened time after time with any styling tool up to 160°C / 320ºF. An amazing benefit of Memory®Hair is that it remembers the last styling technique. This means that when you curl it, it will remain curly until you straighten it again. The same applies for straightening your hair.

Facts about 100% Memory®Hair

  • Use Conditioning Spray for Memory®Hair to keep the hair in perfect condition
  • When curling the hair it is important to hold the curls in place while cooling down. This allows the hair to set permanently.

Fiber Hair

Fiber hair extensions are a type of synthetic hair extensions, that offer an affordable alternative for 100% human hair extensions. Fiber Hair is particularly suitable to create extreme bright colored hair extensions, such as pink and sky blue. Fiber hair extensions cannot be colored which makes color matching very important while purchasing Fiber Hair extensions. In contrast to Memory Hair, Fiber Hair cannot be heat styled with curling irons or blow-dryers without damaging or melting the hair.