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DoubleHair® (3pcs) 40cm

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DoubleHair Silk Extensions 40cm 3pcs

DoubleHair® (3pcs) 40cm

Quick Overview

DoubleHair is a reusable weft extensions system made of the highest quality 100% Human Hair. Each weft contains three layers of hair which allow you to create instant volume and length with a minimum number of applications. To ensure invisible integration and comfortable wearing, the wefts are fastened under a layer of extension hair with either clips, rings or keratin bonds. One pack of Double Hair equals a basic volume treatment.

• 100% Human Hair wefts 
• Multi-application: Clips, Rings (4-6 weeks) or Bonds (8-12 weeks)
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain Professional aftercare


DoubleHair (3pcs) 40cm  
DoubleHair is a reusable weft extensions system made of 100% Human Hair. DoubleHair extensions are easy to maintain, natural looking machine made weft pieces that add instant length and volume. The strips can be applied using clips, soft rings or keratin bonds. One strip of DoubleHair is the equivalent of around 18 individual extensions.

One pack DoubleHair contains three wefts which equal a basic volume. For full-volume or length at least 5pcs are needed.

Balmain Hair Couture offers a unique 6 months’ quality guarantee on all 100% Human Hair extensions when using the Balmain Professional Aftercare range.

Best for: DoubleHair is perfect for volume and lengthening treatments. Suitable for all hair types. 

Backstage Secret: Place extra fill-in extensions near the natural hairline or parting to create extra volume on top. 

• 3 pcs DoubleHair wefts (width: 9cm, length: 40cm)
• 2 clips attached to each weft

DoubleHair Application

Ring-application 4-6 weeks (Soft Rings, Crochet Needle & Puller included. Ring connector not included) 

1. Make a parting in the natural hair. 
2. Place the weft strip under the parting. 
3. Lift the upper layer of hair and secure on top of the head with a clip. 
4. Pull hair strands through the four open areas. 
5. Connect ½ of two adjacent hair strands and pull them through the loop of the application puller. Slide the ring down the puller. Fasten the ring with a ring connector
6. Repeat on all hair strands. 
7. Release the top layer of hair to cover the Soft Rings. 

Bond-application 8-12 weeks (BondsPlug & Play Connector not included) 
Replace step 5 of the Ring application: 
6. Use the Plug & Play Connector to fasten ½ of two adjacent hair strands with a bond approximately 1 - 1.5cm from the scalp. Roll the bond with your fingers to seal the bonding. 

Use Balmain Professional Aftercare to validate the 6 months guarantee on the hair.

Additional properties:

Hair length : 40cm / 16"
Hair type : Human Hair
Made of :
Application techniques : Bonds
Pieces : 3 pieces
Size (ml) :
Ingredients :
Free from :
Dimension packaging (LxWxH) : 50.5 x 17.5 x 1 cm
Dimension product (LxWxH) :
Weight incl. packaging : 124 gr
Weight excl. packaging :
Additional information :

• 3 pcs DoubleHair wefts - Width: 9cm | 3.5"
• 2 pullers
• 2 appointment cards
• 2 protectors
• 1 black puller
• 1 white crochet
• 35 soft rings
• 6 DoubleHair clips
• 35 keratin bonds

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