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  1. Fill-In Extensions (50pcs) 55cm

    Special Value Pack Edition: Save up to 40%

    The Prebonded Fill-in extensions are made of high quality 100% Human Hair. The Prebonded Fill-in extensions are designed with small, long-lasting karatin bonds that close when placed with the use of a connector tool.The natural straight texture ensures an instant integration with the natural hair. The special Fill-in Value Pack Edition (50pcs.) equals a basic volume service.

    • 100% Human Hair 
    • Long-lasting keratin bond application (8-12 weeks)
    • Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain Professional aftercare

  2. Easy Length Tape (20pcs) 55cm

    Easy Length Tape Extensions are reusable pre-taped extensions made of the high quality 100% Human Hair. The ultra-flat application ensures perfect hair distribution and comfortable wearing. The 2,8 cm wide tapes are easy to apply and provide an instant result. Perfect for volume and color (high- or lowlight) treatments.

    • 100% Human Hair 
    • Super flat and easy application 
    • Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare

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2 Item(s)