Limited Edition Pince à cheveux Medium Pearl


In short

A medium, handcrafted claw clip made of durable cellulose acetate, designed with the signature 18K gold-plated 'B' logo and inspired by the anniversary pearl pattern. The material of this clip is both durable and flexible, ensuring it is gentle on your hair and scalp. Specifically designed for normal to thick hair.

     18K gold-plated emblem
    Hypoallergenic hair accessory
    Perfect for normal to thick hair

Limited Edition Pince à Cheveux Medium Pearl 

The Limited Edition Pince à Cheveux Medium Pearl is inspired by the timeless elegance of the Anniversary pearl pattern. This hair clip is handcrafted using traditional techniques and adorned with Balmain's signature 18K gold-plated "B" logo. Made from durable cellulose acetate, the clip is both flexible and gentle on your hair and scalp. It features a unique elastic system inside that ensures the clip stays securely in place, regardless of your hair type. Ideal for normal to thick hair, this clip makes it easy to create elegant updos or a classic French twist.


Dimensions: Length: 9,30 cm / Width: 3,50 cm / Height: 4,50 cm

To create the "French Twist", start by making a low ponytail in the neck area. Twist the ponytail upwards and fixate with the hairclip.