Professional Ceramic Round Brush 43mm XL


In short

The Ceramic Round Brush XL with a 43mm diameter is designed with an extra-long barrel. This brush is perfect for blow-drying large sections of hair in one go. With ergonomic, seamless handle and large round holes to maximize airflow.
    Unique design with extreme long barrel
    Prevents frizzy hair
    Ideal for blow drying large sections

The Balmain Ceramic Round Brush XL is the largest round brush and is therefore suitable for long and/or thick hair. The brush has an extra-long barrel which makes it easily to blow-dry large sections of hair quickly, enhancing drying time.
The ceramic coating barrel is designed to spread the heat evenly to create more shine, volume and dry the hair fast due to its negative ion technology. The bristles help to smoothen the flyaways for a long lasting silky finish. With ergonomic, seamless handle and large round holes to optimize the air flow in the brush. 
Perfect to use in combination with the Professional Blowdryer and Thermal Protection Spray.

Apply the Thermal Protection spray to protect the hair. Place the Ceramic Round Brush against the roots and let the tool work with the hair dryer. Move the brush slowly from the roots to the ends while twisting the brush to the side where the wave has to go up. Use the hair dryer at the same speed so that it goes down with the brush. Repeat these steps for every hair section.
Use the Texturizing Volume Spray for extra volume and hold.